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Sunday, 06 November 2005


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Zach Moring

Even though I was not at the conference, I can definitely concur with point 5 on "The Bad" list. Consider this quote: “The central and dominant aim of education by radio is to bring the world to the classroom, to make universally available the services of the finest teachers, the inspiration of the greatest leaders…and unfolding world events which through the radio, may become as a vibrant and challenging textbook of the air.” Benjamin Darrow, 1932

So, although I have obviously learned via audio, I have never really learned by radio in the classroom. Might be the same with Podcasting, etc.

Christian Long

Will -- I won't go into too much detail here, but suffice it to say that a series of unexpected adventures on the 'net today brought me to your new blog...and I'm thrilled by the 'happy accident' of it all. Added a post on the "think:lab" blog as a reference to the power of the Web2.0 world and Wikipedia in my constant search for the 'future of learning' and the range of environments that will support it; much of it centers on finding your site and blog and being glad that I have access now. Great stuff...and certainly hope that you'll keep up this end of your work as well as the formal research. Here's the link:
Hope to cross paths one day. Perhaps at Learning 2006. Cheers, Christian

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