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Monday, 06 February 2006


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Jay Cross

Will, I heartily recommend Ellen Langer's books as well as the article you reference.

As for haircutting, I gave up on it years ago. Figuring in the inconvenience, the price, the tip, and, most of all, the opportunity cost, I bought myself a flobee and cut my own hair, generally while reading stuff on the web.

Gretchen Hartke

Couldn't agree more, Will! It's easy to fall back on "what you know" or "what you've done" when it comes to instructional design. This leads me to wonder what drives this tendency--time crunch, laziness, lack of creativity, lack of inspiration, the wrong tools, not knowing what the tools/technology can do...

This is a good conversation for every design team. I can hear it now... "Are we just hammers running around looking for nails? Or worse, turning screws into nails (eeks)?"

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