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Thursday, 16 March 2006


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Tampa Web Design

There undoubtedly is an impact on workplace productivity during March Madness. People in offices all over the country will attest to the fact that coworkers have taken vacation days or called in sick in order to watch the first round games.

kitchen cabinets clearwater

I think company even makes links unavailable except through this central march-madness portal.

Just Energy

Wonderful vector for spreading malware and virus March Madness the knee jerk dance of the media drones who must be entertained by external stimuli 24×7 because their souls are deadened by the dystopian society...

About WFG

It's probably a drain on things, Also, it brings people together.

Christmas Island

The ratio of the losses is really accurate! I would say, a great job done!

Amy McCraken evergreen custom media

Workers waste most of their time,"filling out their brackets,researching their teams and talking around the water cooler...This is what I have heard..

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