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Friday, 28 July 2006


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We did some great job at Surveyo in creating a survey software that services well the learning and training industry. http://www.surveyo.com/employee-training-survey.htm
Please check it out and let me know what do you think.



It's hard and takes a long time to use sites forms to make a survey. It's easier just to send a document of your questions and they'll put your survey online http://www.emanagedtech.com



An easy to use online survey tool that i've found useful is http://kissinsights.com


nice post another good survey tool is http://www.surveyshack.com/live/

toptan mallar

Learning styles are just a psychometric system used to identify qualities of the individual. Which have been widely used and recongised by top researchers (Felder, Kolbs, etc) for many years. Research has demonstrated that learning styles do help the individual (class room) & within on-line learning; however, yin adaptive/personalised on-line learning. http://escortistanbull.com


One of the biggest tools in your marketing arsenal is right under your nose. It’s your customer service approach. It’s time to take the customer service staff, or the “complaint desk,” as it was once called, out of the back office and put it front and center.
Customer service as marketing is more than entry-level staffers being friendly toward grumpy customers. It is a matter of making it easy for people to interact with your business and solving any problem or inconsistency fast and professionally. But before you respond to questions and criticisms in a social forum, you need to identify your communication style and be able talk to people in a language they can understand.
Have an iron-clad guarantee: Print your policy on all materials and say it whenever you can. Whether it offers customers a refund or service redo’s, make sure it is stated early and often and don’t promise more than you can.

for more:


patrick  mcgraw

The reason you have found your way to this article is because you are wondering what is the best language learning software on the market today! Right? The truth is, there is not one specific language software that will be the best for each and every person! And there are many factors that go into determining which software is best for you and why.



While getting paid for surveys is a real phenomenon, one should understand that it can offer you just a few bucks for your opinion sitting at home. You should not expect to earn a livelihood or get rich through this. Also a genuine survey company will never ask for membership fees.

My experience tells that the most reputed and the largest survey companies which operate globally including India, pay you not more than Rs. 60 to Rs. 120 for each surveys. The most reputed survey company in the world are Avante Panel, Corp scan which operate thru a number of partner websites such as in.ipanelonline.com, corpscan.com, starpanel.startv.in, swapyourvoice.in etc. Further you get paid only when your background, income status, location etc. suits the requirement of each survey. Therefore you can assume that any company asking for membership fees or promises to pay more than Rs. 60 to 120 per survey is sure-shot fraud.

As the budget of companies requiring customer surveys is limited, based on which the most reputed & largest survey company Avante Panel have not been able to pay more than Rs. 120 to 150 per survey, no survey company can promise to pay more than this. Further it shall be completely impractical to assume that you can get paid regularly for customers referred by you. You are paid one-time amount for referrals and not for subsequent surveys undertaken by them. So do not get fooled by companies such as Speak Asia, Ram Survey etc. The links to some of the genuine survey companies which have a very long standing performance record are shown below:


savvy survey


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oil press machine

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liked the posts and cool layout you have here! I would like to thank you for sharing your experience and the time it took to post!! Two Thumbs up!

Tuan Bui

I wanted to introduce http://www.mobosurvey.com, an easy and intuitive way to create surveys and distribute to smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.


Hi Will

I would like to signal a brand new online survey software that has lots of handy, easy to use, bells and whistles: Eval & GO. It includes survey creation, advanced data analysis, and improved reporting. Try out a free account at http://www.evalandgo.com and you will see the difference for yourself.

Good luck and happy survey creating!

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