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Thursday, 24 August 2006


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Vanochtend een post geplaatst op het ICTO blog n.a.v. Mark E. Ott's presentatie op HigherEdCon2006. Ik werd erg enthousiast na zijn opmerking: "With podcasting and screencasting, you can give the students what they normally get in class (short condense... [Read More]


Jim W

The Dale Cone isn’t true..? Say it isn’t so..!!!
That’s like the Santa Claus of e-Learning..!

You are the Grinch! PLEASE - STOP ruining all the mindless fun we’ve been having before it's too late.


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Thom K

You know, I like to think I question and think critically about things, but this one is so widespread, and is taught as something that is fundamental and accepted. It slipped past the defenses. I'm even guilty of quoting it. Thanks for setting the record straight, darn it all.


Certainly sends my faith in my own professors spinning downward --- heard this all of my professional life of 40 years. Here is yet another professor quoting that cone but attributing it to Glasser and adding a final line about 95% of what we teach. http://www.2learn.ca/institute/handouts/UniversalDesignforLearningHO.pdf#search=%22universal%20design%20for%20learning%22 Ah, sigh.

Megan McGuire

Having just begun my Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning for
Art and Design, it was only last week (the 2nd
week of the course) that we were presented on the OH Projector with:

People Remember:

10% of what they Read
20% " " Hear
30% " " See
50% " " See and Hear
70% " " Talk over with others
80% " " Use and do in real life
95% " " Teach someone else.

The source was quoted as William Glasser - Association for Supervision and
Curriculum Development Guide (1988)

Amazed by these findings that were presented to us, I have already found
myself guilty of passing on this information in conversation. Ooops. Until

Thanks. A very interesting Website.


Excellent research and post. I've referred many people to your debunking article over the past few months and am glad to see you revisit the topic here on this blog.


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