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Tuesday, 07 November 2006


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Barb McDonald

Hi Will,

I tend to agree with your assessment about the willingness of adult learners to participate with cards vs "some new fangled gadget." I have used a Bingo Card as part of a lecture to increase active listening. The lecture material was on Auditing risks and levels. The goal of the lecture was to get the familiarize participants with the basic concepts. The bingo card had the risk terms on it. When a participant got a bingo, they had to identify the term and at least paraphrase it's definition.

My audience were recent college graduates and this was their first job and the first training session. I was never able to do any validation of the effect of the bingo cards over the straight lecture. The presenters sure loved the change though.


I agree with you Donald.Indeed it a great working research that is done by experts.There is also a need to look into kids issues.They need to refer online math games which give comfort and knowledge.

Scott Woods

I have used personal white boards with new teachers in a teacher training program for my school. These adult learners, many of them experienced teachers, responded positively to the response cards. The key to using them effectively is to require learners to process and apply the information to something that matters to them in their job. Merely checking that they are paying attention will not do it. This goes for children also.

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