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Wednesday, 20 December 2006


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Cliff Donath

Well done Will!

Enough is enough of these myths, urban legends and invalid truths that are easily spread through the internet these days. Bring back critical thinking and reasoned thought please. Name the names. It certainly will bring attention to your site.

Best, Cliff

Dave F.


You wonder whether sarcasm will work.

My guess is, they're immune. And the myth behind those nice round percentages is immortal. You might feel better to know there's a professional group that feels your pain.

Crissy G

I always thought there was something off about those graphs, too. Our teachers would show them, and I always wondered because I have better memories of some of the books I've read then movies, or activities. I think it's more important what you are interested in, and how interesting the presentation is, rather then the media it is presented in.

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