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Tuesday, 05 December 2006


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Jim Javenkoski

Hello, Will:

It was a privilege to co-facilitate today's discussion on mLearning with you and AnneMarie Laures. Thanks for reminding all of us (who tend to focus a disproportionate amount of our attention and energy on delivery and devices) about the essential human variable in the workplace learning equation. Your "m-Learning Tsunami" forecast is a rare example of *words* that are worth a thousand (mental) pictures. =)

Matthew Nehrling

Great article, but I suppose I must disagree with the statement- "The m-Learning tsunami is coming."

I would argue it is already here and our students are riding that wave. This wave, however has simply defied the labels that other 'e' storms have gained.

From the original mLearning tool- Books, to today's classroom with podcasting & eMail, it is everywhere.

Almost every single student already has an mLearning device, be it an mP3 player or a cell phone, and although they don't realize it, they have been using these as mLearning devices for years...

Instead of the tsunami coming, we as eLearning professionals must jump on that wave and surf or the tsunami will pass us by.

Matthew Nehrling

Ann Busby

Will, I was on-line at a Learning Guild conference back about then (02) and remember your talking about m-learning-and I agree-I think it's here! People are talking about it more and more-and doing something about it! Thanks, Ann


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