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Monday, 17 December 2007


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>E-learning can capture more data more easily than classroom training.

That is a claim worth taking a deep look at. It depends on what kind of data you are talking about. True, you can capture quantitative data about how long a page was opened in a browser (whether the student read it or went to grab a coffee, you don't know), what resource were looked at, performance in exercises etc., but you are missing quite important data every teacher in a classroom is able to give you.
The best example is motivation. I've been doing some work in Artificial Intelligence and education. It is extremely hard to make any sensible estimation of the motivational state of the learner based on the learner's interactions with the e-learning system alone. It is already hard to accurately asses the learner's knowledge or competencies, but with affective values it is nearly impossible. But still, a good teacher knows it. One reason certainly is that the teacher can use more modalities than just click-behavior (such as reading facial expressions).
So I would say that the general claim that "e-learning can capture more data more easily than classroom training" is a bit too optimistic. But then, I did not read the complete report.

Will Thalheimer


Of course, you are right, the kind of real-time data in the classroom is very important and great instructors can do great things with that information, even when they are processing student responses unconsciously. Audience response systems in the classroom have great promise as well in capturing additional data. Perhaps I should have been more precise in my statement. On the other hand, there is information that is not typically captured in the classroom that e-learning can, in practice, capture more easily. If you’re working in artificial intelligence, you probably are concocting additional good ways to capture information. What I’m focused on is the common experiences of today in the workplace classroom. Artificial intelligence is a long way off. In fact, the starting line for gathering data is pretty archaic, so my enthusiasm for e-learning’s potential to capture data comes from that real-world backdrop.

Thanks for your excellent comment!!


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