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Monday, 28 January 2008


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Michael Hanley

Hi Will,
Interesting topic. I was wondering what methodology and research instruments you were using to evaluate knowledge transfer and learner behaviour change in your investigations of Learning 2.0?

Ole Kristensen

Hi Will

Very interesting topic and here's my very personal take on it!
I'm 51 and attended the last formal training in 1983 (no typo) and have been a free range learner ever since!.
Now working in a global IS/IT department as Senior eLearning Consultant I've just been enrolled in a traditional ITIL certification course.
HOW boring. How SLOW! How demotivational! What a WASTE of time.
I learned much more and musch faster and much more relevant from my Facebook ITIL group!
After spending 25 years as a true learning 2.0 agent (2.0 = new bottle - old wine) I must say that if you measure my improvements, awards, measurable business results and compare it with my outcome of my recent ITIL certification - the differences are huge in favour of informal learning !
I think you research should try to include these differencies!


Ole Kristensen

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