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Wednesday, 16 April 2008


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Ernest Cherry

Adobe does offer exceptional authoring tools for elearning. The issue which many users have with these authoring tools is the learning curve. When looking at Adobe products such as Flash, AIR and now Flex it is almost essential to have programming background to fully utilize the programs' capabilities. Captivate is one of few Adobe authoring tools that does not require programming skills.

There are other authoring tools available which do not require any programming background. Lectora and Articulate are two popular user friendly authoring tools. Subject Matter Experts (SME's) or Instructional Designers can easily add instructional content into templates thereby creating training modules. This eliminates the use of developers and save companies many and time.

Kylie Hutchings Mangion

I definately agree, Adobe appears to have a great range of elearning friendly products,however the likes of articulate are very easy in comparison,it doesnt solve the web building side of things,my question is as a freelance instructional designer which of the huge range of Adobe products do you use,Captivate is thew obvious one.???

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