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Friday, 06 June 2008


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It will be interesting to see if, once content is abundant and good, if
a)the value of and demand for effective teaching (formal mentoring) increases,
b) formal education fades in favor of training for self-directed learning(informal mentoring) or
c) both occur.

I work in higher ed where many educators confuse teaching with pushing content. They are already irrelevant and they don't even know it.

Dan Bassill

I think that tere is another level of interaction that is not reflected in your list. It relates to getting "eyeballs" focused on your content, "and facilitating the use of your content by a growing number of people for a defined purpose.

While the number of people using the Internet will grow, the number of hours in the day won't change. Even with the greatest content, it's not much value if too few people visit and use it.

Thus, I see a growth in innovation around collaboration and other efforts to increase traffic to networks of web sites focus on common goals. This will be the only way small budget players can compete with large budget advertisers to draw traffic and "eyeballs" to their content.

If the content is good enough, word of mouth will accelerate the flow of traffic into a network.


I responded to the notion that pedagogical/research content is dead or dying in a blog post yesterday. it can be reached at:


While I don't necessarily disagree with some of your conclusions regarding the implications for training, I think that it's very important to realize that the people who produce content only do so in the presence of an incentive. In your case, that incentive is speaking/consulting. I drew a parallel between that and how the internet has affected the music industry, but my conclusion was that in education the effect is markedly different, because content and pedagogy are inextricably linked.


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I really cant understand the complete reason behind this sudden sold down.

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