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Tuesday, 03 June 2008


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Nice to see you putting these kinds of ideas down in a concise and thoughtful format!

One thought came to my mind as I looked at the diagram (a quick observation, so take it for what it's worth!). It is very 'directed' (i.e., arrows go one way only). While any discussion at this level is extremely abstract (since you haven't defined what a 'Learning' is), I could see something that is more iterative, that is, how partial outcomes/results might feed back as recall triggers, or even triggers to learn more.

The trick will be how to incorporate feedback or iteration into the diagram without making it one of those less-than-useful diagrams in which all boxes point at one another other.

Jim Javenkoski

Will, you've been kind enough to share with me a preliminary version of what has become The Learning Landscape; as the model has evolved during the past few years, so has my appreciation for its elegance and clarity. (*Now* I understand the value of spaced repetitions!)

The Learning Landscape is an über-metaphor which I will use in my new role developing formal and non-formal learning interventions for health education and engagement. I look forward to sharing The Learning Landscape model with my Program Development colleagues here at Healthy Interactions. Let's talk again soon.

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