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Friday, 08 August 2008


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Julaine Fowlin

I found this article very useful and it was easy to read, the cognitive load was good. I found it just in time to use it for an assignment (I am currently doing my master’s degree in Instructional Design & Learning Technologies). I especially like the recommendations about making it real and keeping it human.
The elements of narrative can be very useful in creating dynamic learning experiences but the human and authentic elements must be maintained. eLearning can create the same ‘wow’ effects as good movies and books with the use of interesting characters and well developed plots. Chapnick and Meloy (Chapnick, S., & Meloy, J. (2005). Renaissance eLearning: creating dramatic and unconventional learning experiences. San Francisco: Pfeiffer.) provide some useful tips in their book for creating dialogue a very important component.
•Show don't tell: illustrate some of the character's actions through dialogue; rather than telling everything, allow learners to figure out some things for themselves.
•Make dialogue purposeful and authentic.
•Conversations should be real; in reality people rarely speak in complete sentences, thus make sure there are frequent interruptions and abrupt cut offs.
•Dialogue should be used moderately, using too much will lose the learner.
•Avoid using too much text as well.
•Remember the main objective is learning so every word should be purposeful.
•Use Metaphor to make language colorful, but try new ones.

I am so excited about the impetus now to transform eLearning from dull and boring to dynamic and engaging……goodbye to falling a sleep while eLearning!

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