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Friday, 14 November 2008


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dan roddy

Will, what was it that prompted you to take the plunge? What was said at DevLearn that made you think "that's something I want a part of!"

Clark Quinn

Will, to your question: "In other words, would Twitters be better off reading a non-fiction book, an article, or a trusted website?" It depends on the volatility of the information, the currency of the information, the group of people who follow you, etc. I've seen (and had) questions answered well and quickly. There's no 'one' answer... Glad to see you on Twitter, BTW ;)

Dave Ferguson

Will, fortunately, it's not an either/or choice. I don't yet reap that much benefit from Twitter, but long experience with the old TRDEV listserv taught me to be patient with the signal/noise ratio.

I do think there's a lot of sense in the notion that groups and networks are different -- and with Twitter you're mainly connecting with networks. Nonhierarchial, ad-hoc, differing opinions and goals.

Michael Ball

This made me think of Yahoo! Answers, where you can have the multitudes answer your questions immediately (if it's a question that's already been asked) or within hours (if it's new). It seems like it can be a valuable tool for certain types of questions. Try this:

"How do I train my dog to not jump on people?"

The advice for this question seemed plausible and credible - I'll test it with my friend's dog.

But I'd be wary of trusting this tool for advice about serious problems or dilemmas. For instance, I asked what to do about depression. For one hapless soul, the one and only response was completely unhelpful:

Another person got lots of advice, but honestly, is any answer other than "consult your doctor" really appropriate?

Will, when you get God's Twitter address, could you pass it on?


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