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Wednesday, 05 November 2008


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Learning Technices

thats a really nice story you seem to have a very smart little girl and even funny Iraq Obama i havent ever heard that before its funny


Your story about your daughter is absolutely beautiful, and I am excited for your daughters learning of these great experiences that are going to be happening for America. There are a lot of great things to learn about Obama too that we are still finding out on a day to day basis , like a great learning tool would be this time capzle I found the other day about Obama. check it out here http://www.capzles.com/ff8fc5bc-de7c-40ee-bdbf-71ca61e120b3 ! I'm pretty sure your gonna love it. It's filled with tons of videos, pictures, and blog write ups.

Stop Smoking

History was made last night indeed - but the best thing is to see hope in people's eyes again...

Karyn Romeis

Well done for making a wise choice between a single night's uninterrupted sleep and the opportunity to watch history in the making.

And, considering that I've heard adults referring to Iraq o'Bomber, I don't think your daughter's slip of the tongue is anything too serious - especially considering how often she no doubt hears the word Iraq.

One girl I know once asked her Mom about "all that fighting out in Iran and Ikea".

I suspect your daughter will remember this election for the rest of her life. She will remember that her parents thought that it was important enough to wake her to hear the victory/acceptance speech. She will grow up knowing that the election is a Very Important Event... and she will vote when she becomes eligible. Too many young people think that politics have nothing to do with them, with their daily lives - moments like the one you describe are the antidote to that lethargy.


Mi princesita!. She must have been very interested in this election cause I also remember trying hard to get her to wake up from her naps..lol!.. congratulations for this new leap in history, it is great that Alena was able to aknowledge this important event. xxxooo

Clark Quinn

Great story Will. Similarly let our (somewhat older, 11 and 9) kids stay up to watch concession/acceptance speeches. Great opportunity to teach about our country, values, and more. Reckon my kids will similarly remember the night.


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