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Sunday, 16 November 2008


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Welcome to Twitter. As you can see from my stats I've become an avid user of the service, and it has paid me back handsomely. The folks I follow have taught / led me to discover new ideas, tools and techniques that I've passed on to dozens of educators, impating hundreds of students. My knowledge about Web 2.0 (gained in large part via Twitter) got me a significant consulting engagement. It's even helped reduce the workload of our church secretary - I helped her move the church's online calendar to Google Calendar, which I learned about through Twitter.

Laura Kratochvil

Well, glad you could join the twitterites! I have to admit I wasn't exactly sure what to do with it when I started...but I found it really fun when I would go on trips --incl a tennis tourney (actually used utterli and then fed to twitter) since it had images/vid/sound imbeded. It was an lazy person's bloging tool -- and a quick way to post scores, quick thoughts, and pose questions. And now with DevLearn, I can't believe how many new people I was able to go up to (good icebreaker) and say, hey, your such and such --saw your twitter!! and then it was the begining of a beautiful friendship...

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