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Tuesday, 23 December 2008


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I think at many organizations we are under appreciated, but certainly not to the extent U.S. teachers are under appreciated, and under paid too.

In regards to training professionals, some of it is our own fault for not doing thorough evaluations and providing ROI. Plus, we must educate people on the difference between training needs and performance improvement needs. So often we hear "training was not effective" when it is actually a performance issue. That really gets under my skin.

Thanks for the post and link to the NY Times article.

Ole Kristensen

Maybe it sometimes has something to with the learning pro's being a bit self-righteous with Mr./Mrs. Know-it-all attitude.
I try to be more supportive and appreciativee and deliver good backup i.e. pointing to good articles, blogs and books or write an article myself in our corporate wiki, showing a good example by producing a small chunk of on demand eLearning for inspiration and finally trying to find the right tools to help peopÄle in their jobs - IMHO my department and I had grown to be quite weel-known and well-reputed inside the organisation.

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