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Thursday, 04 December 2008


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Jeff Goldman

I absolute agree with your observations, but I think we are already there, with the exception of #6. It is amazing what training needs and remedial training so many entry level employees need now.

In addition to the need for affordable, quality college education, there is also great need for improvements in K-12 education. We must dedicate more resources at all levels. It is an investment that will provide immense profit.

Thanks for the great post.

Reid Williams

Just imagine if, instead of bailing out financial institutions, automakers and whoever else steps up next for a hand-out, they kept that money in an account and said, "Americans, you can go to college or any other job (re-)training you want, have a new car or catch up on your mortgage payments." And all we had to do was give our Social Security number to the university registrar, the auto dealer or the bank, and it came out of the "American Rescue Savings" account.
Nah, it makes too much sense.

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