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Monday, 29 December 2008


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Radek Pilich

Thanks for this. I keep hearing about "Big Five" personality model more and more these days and I will definitely look into it more soon. Thanks for the links!

I have typed myself and have studied my profiles as well as the own personality typing systems a bit. I typed myself on MBTI, DiSC, Enneagram and StrenghtFinder. All of these typologies were extremely helpful guides on my personal growth path to self-leadership. I can certainly see that my personality profiles somehow fit together, and at the same time I understand the unique value each of these tools brings to the table.

How does Big Five typology fit in the portfolio of personality typologies? I differentiate previously mentioned tools very simply:

- MBTI – cognitive functioning
- DiSC – communication style
- Enneagram – motivation and drives
- StrengthFinder – talents

Is Big Five aiming to be somehow overlapping and definitive or does it have its own place among previously mentioned taxonomies?

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