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Friday, 09 January 2009


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Television is BIG business. It is probably more important to the economy than the car business. That is why the govt's subsidizing it.

An argument could also be made that access to Television is necessary for emergency purposes but I suspect that's not the true reason for the subsidy

Will Thalheimer

Thanks! Good Point Sanjay.

The point then is that the TV folks (who are beholden to advertisers) need those analog eyes just as much as the digital eyes. Yes, makes sense.

Of course, makes me wonder why commercial interests must always trump societal interests.

michael cardus

What I am puzzled about is why people act like they do not know about the switch. They have been offerering discount converter boxes, they have been advertising it for almost 2 years now. When the analog tv test its two or 4 seconds digital signal. They always have people on the news (who are TV watchers!) not sure of what happened. and claiming they never heard of the digital switch?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bags

Neil and his research team were able to isolate

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