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Friday, 23 January 2009


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Dan R

Will, thanks for the webinar - it was really useful. Here, should anyone be interested, are my notes.

Steven Forth

Very useful will. And I appreciated your point that learning managers do not always understand management's drivers - that learning managers and business managers are distinct is perhaps part of the problem. I think this list could use a bit more organization though (I began to fade around point 50). You could even develop it as an ontology (in the semantic web use of the term) and forge links to other applications. Perhaps LeveragePoint could host this for you!

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Great article !!that it is critical to find just the right metaphor, just the right visual model, just the right explanation that is both simple and robust to get the job done.

Cindy Margott

Nice article !! It goes to the difficulty of the task. Many of us have been trying for decades to make changes, but I think also that many of us are just doing our little part as order takers.

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Well we only responsible to set our own myths.. the Business Side isn't the only group that holds myths....

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Neil and his research team were able to isolate

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