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Thursday, 26 March 2009


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Andrew Duthie

Direct messages can only be sent to people who follow you. It's an anti-spam feature, since most people receive direct messages via email and/or text message to their phones. Most people will get an email saying you're following them, though -- if it's someone you already know, chances are they'll follow you back. I'd set the limit higher, personally -- follow up to 20 people right away, then grow slower from there as you get acquainted with Twitter and with how you want to use it.

Will Thalheimer

Thanks for correcting my mistake. I'll fix that Direct Message idea to an @message, which ought to work the same way. Thanks Andrew...

Jan Schwartz

Your advice is good Will. I'm in my first month of Twitter and wish that I had read this before starting. I thought I was taking it slow compared to others who have thousands of followers/following. I don't quite get that. I have 63 followers and I'm following 62. I've tweeted 39 times and I'm just now figuring out what #followfriday means. I know so little about Twitter that I can't even figure out what I want from it. Wondering what the ROI is-I being time.

Will Findlay

One of the best tools I've found for making Twitter productive is TweetDeck, an Adobe Air App. It allows you to create groups within your list of people you follow. This helps my productivity by allowing me to follow a subset of my friends when I'm busy.

Pier 59 Studios

The twitter feed and synchronous chat is a central connection that then provides further connection to longer conversations via skype, email and blogs. Cant do everything in 140 characters or less.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag

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