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Thursday, 11 June 2009


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Stephen Downes

Why not link to the report?

Will Thalheimer

I took the report down until I get the new one ready. I'll have the new one done within a short time frame.

Gordon Lam


Thanks for posting this; I was unaware of cameo.

My company is looking at software from http://www.brainx.com/. They offer what seems to be a semantic approach, spacing the learning based on both the individual learner and the topic as well. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on their approach.

Sharon Boller


Another way this could be accomplished (by those using Moodle at least) is to encourage development of some post-course scenarios and have these posted as Forum discussions. "Teachers" in Moodle could also prepare - and send out - emails with these scenarios following the course and encourage blogging/discussion around them.

Ubong Ekpo

Hello Will,
I found your blog while doing online research on improving retention for training and have a question regarding the following connected statement with another article titled less learning more often:
"The ideal interval of time between repetitions is roughly equal to the retention interval(the time you expect learners to remember info before putting it into practice on the job). This seems to mean that if agents were expected to use the information on the job in 1 month's time or 4 month's time, then training repetions or refreshers for these topics should be delivered 1 month or 4 months inbetween? That doesn't really make much sense seeing that the material should have been repeated a number of times before the time they will actually need to recall it and use it on the job. Could you help me clear this up?
Much appreciated .

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Cameo is a funny thing for me


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Just Energy

More training and e-learning has been built using spacing and more and more learning software has been built that incorporates the spacing effect as an inherent part of its design.

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