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Tuesday, 01 December 2009


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Michael Hanley

Good call by the FTC, though if readers apply a little bit of critical analysis when reading posts/articles/reviews I am sure that they could easily 'read between the lines.' The link below is my favourite example of a blog that purports to be "fair and balanced" but is actually a blatant advert for one particular web conferencing platform, taking every opportunity to do down their competitors:

Just a gentle admonishment Will: don't forget that you have a readership outside of the US. Your federal agencies have no jurisdiction in other parts of the world (for example in the European Union). It might be useful to include a few clarifying words in your posts - when I started reading this article I actually thought I had missed some new guideline until I checked the NYT article!

Will Thalheimer

Michael, Thanks for the reminder that it's all global now. I try to remember, but must have been annoyed enough with my government when I wrote this that I forgot my place in the world!!

Harold Jarche

Will this make Canada a haven for bloggers?

Will Thalheimer

Might tarnish the cool pristine image of you Canadian bloggers...

No longer will you be able to skate on that refreshing lager-than-life reputation...

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