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Friday, 11 December 2009


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Donald Clark

Something does not sound right with the Globe's article. Air brakes work the opposite way -- it takes air pressure to release the brakes -- if there is an air pressure failure then the brakes apply.

Maybe they build air brake systems backwards these days but I was in the heavy equipment field for 22 years (Army) and know of two accidents involving air brake failures. In both cases the root cause was tracked to poor maintenance of the braking systems.

Of course the driver was still wrong because if he was pumping the brakes then, 1) he would rapidly loose air pressure, 2) the brakes should automatically clamp shut and 3) the truck should stop.

Matt Leavitt

Did you happen to see this NYT article last week? The author cites at least two red flags facing China's expanding nuclear energy industry: corruption and lack of a well-trained workforce. Sounds like a big human performance scenario brewing, with worldwide ramifications. I hope the training for China's nuclear inspectors, engineers and technicians is as context-rich as it could possibly be.

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