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Wednesday, 16 December 2009


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I use www.naturesoundsfor.me for the same purpose but Simply Noise is also great! :)


I created a Pandora station that plays just Vivaldi and Baroque music and I keep the volume extremely low (almost at the threshold of my hearing) so it's background. I find Baroque music helps me stay focused on the tasks at hand. You can fine tune your Pandora station by clicking the thumbs up/down buttons when a selection comes up.


This is a great article! I agree with all these tips, in fact I even wrote an article about it here: http://schooldestroyer.com/distractions/

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Nice post !! They know what to do, they know it’s easy, they know they’ll get great results out of it, yet they still don’t do what we discussed in session.

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Noise-Canceling Headsets is great thing..I go through your blog and find it informative which also create interest...

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Nice post !! They know what to do, they know it’s easy

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for his many years in leading the workplace learning

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