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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


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Amy McCraken

It's sound like good advice to me. I personally do find public speaking quite difficult in front of large groups of people but sometimes it just has to be done and once it is over it feels pretty good.

ray ban

Some say that the blogosphere will compensate for journalism's rapid death spiral. I'm not at all confident of this. People have to put in substantial time to do good honest reporting (and good honest research, by the way). Putting in a lot of time generally requires some kind of payment so the reporter can afford the computer, the roof, and the food to keep doing the reporting.

oakley uk

think about it this way--this means stories aren't being written--or are being written by (1) amateurs who largely do a poor job and (2) financially-motivated people who often do a biased job.


History usually tells the story of the powerful, of wars, of great intellects, of popular athletes and celebrities. History shines a light on those who fly above the hazy smoke that haunts the human hive.

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Its really difficult to speak in front of so many people.Even i find it too tough I am not at all confident of this.

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