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Thursday, 11 March 2010


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The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!
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Learning styles are just a psychometric system used to identify qualities of the individual. Which have been widely used and recongised by top researchers (Felder, Kolbs, etc) for many years. Research has demonstrated that learning styles do help the individual (class room) & within on-line learning; however, seams to me that you are intersted in adaptive/personalised on-line learning.q23f54we

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Having read this material, I have learned for myself a lot of the new. Thanks

Vincent Margott

Glad to see fundamental journalism skills,I think that Journalists are especially good and helpful when youwant to know the news of everyday life around the world. I want to be one when I am older, as I enjoy writing and I think it would be a great carrer.

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It's worth noting that a columnist is a journalist who writes pieces that appear regularly in newspapers or magazines.

Laura @ Adult Trike

There are many people searching about that and now they will find enough resources from your post. These are great stuffs. Thank you!

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Michael Lewis tells the story of the folks who first figured out that the financial disaster was coming (the one that caused our current Great Recession). Lewis shows how these oddball stock traders figured out how Wall Street was making huge mistakes---when no one else could see it coming.

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The following two interviews are must reading if you want to know how we got into the economic mess we are in. They're also riveting storytelling for the most part.

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How attempts at persuasion often fail in the face of these mental models. You might also find it fun to consider how you would "train" the citizenry to have a better understanding of how its government and Wall Street tycoons failed, how financial markets work, etc.

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he top skills required for a Web journalist are solid news judgment, strong ethics, thrive under deadline, accuracy and a mastery of the AP Stylebook. Other skills I include are knowledge of HTML, experience with CMS, working understanding of SEO, being social in Social media and the willingness to try new technologies.

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The same applies to your choice of degree subject should you choose to go to university before entering the profession.

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I think the principles of Journalistic codes of ethics are designed as guides through numerous difficulties, such as conflicts of interest, to assist journalists in dealing with ethical dilemmas.

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for his many years in leading the workplace learning-

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