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Tuesday, 09 March 2010


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Great teachers, above all, need to have or to acquire, the characteristics and the traits of great teachers which are basically universally similar -the following website may inspire great teachers and may may be help to become great teachers: http://www.orhanseyfiari.com/arigreatteachers.html


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Learning styles are just a psychometric system used to identify qualities of the individual. Which have been widely used and recongised by top researchers (Felder, Kolbs, etc) for many years. Research has demonstrated that learning styles do help the individual (class room) & within on-line learning; however, seams to me that you are intersted in adaptive/personalised on-line learning.e465

Vinny Margott

What an excellent article.I really like these points. I recognised your four teaching types instantly, in teachers from my own schooldays.

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Great article, as an ex-teacher I can totally agree what shold be done to be great (or very good at least). Some very interesting resources too. Thums up!

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I agree with you all this key features are required in a quality teacher but as per me one more thing is required that is observation power,it is very important from teaching point of view..

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It is absolutely true that teaching is not based on what we are qualified but how well we answer the questions of the students and how best we engage the students of different categories in a classroom. It is a skill but not a static on

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Nice review of Diane Ravitch's new book on schools, schooling, and the importance of good teachers.

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Great teachers need their content knowledge to be fluently available to them in the context of typical classroom situations. To get this fluency, they need to practice in such situations---and practice linking actions (especially their verbal utterances) to specific classroom situations.

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Managers have to be available. So many managers are just too busy to be available. Stop going to all those meetings with folks senior to you!! Your job is to get work done through your direct reports---you need to be there for them.

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Great teachers need good classroom get this fluency, They need to practice in such situations---and practice linking actions (especially their verbal utterances) to specific classroom situations.

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This article with really amazing key features which shoulg be there in any quality teacher.

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