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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


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Kerry Eades

It's funny how one video inspires copy-cats. Check out the video on SchoolCounselor.com

Makes you wonder who had the first original concept?

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Hmmm nice video!! I love it!!
Thanks for this..hmm thanks for the link Kerry Eades!!

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Good stuff like usual man!


I’m not sure about this really but I do have an open mind.

Sweet Memories Of LIfe

This is cloud computing, right?

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exactly, i guess it is more expensive than of paying gas but on the other hand it is enviromental vehicle. so i guess people

should just think on which is better. :D

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Video about New Media and the Young Generation


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and This is cloud computing, right?


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I love it!! Thanks for this..hmm thanks for the link Kerry Eades!!

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i guess it is more expensive than of paying gas but on the other hand it is enviromental vehicle. so i guess people

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Amount of video-game play mediated the relationship between video-game ownership and academic outcomes. Results provide experimental evidence that video games may displace after-school activities that have educational value and may interfere with the development of reading and writing skills in some children.

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After baseline assessment of boys’ academic achievement and parent- and teacher-reported behavior, boys were randomly assigned to receive the video-game system immediately or to receive the video-game system after follow-up assessment, 4 months later.

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Cammy Bean interviews me in regard to the three most important e-learning design flaws in today's e-learning. I discussed three---and then two more!! Five design flaws in all.


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Michael Lewis tells the story of the folks who first figured out that the financial disaster was coming (the one that caused our current Great Recession). Lewis shows how these oddball stock traders figured out how Wall Street was making huge mistakes---when no one else could see it coming.

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The following two interviews are must reading if you want to know how we got into the economic mess we are in. They're also riveting storytelling for the most part.

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How attempts at persuasion often fail in the face of these mental models. You might also find it fun to consider how you would "train" the citizenry to have a better understanding of how its government and Wall Street tycoons failed, how financial markets work, etc.

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