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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


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Tom Martin

Thanks for the summary at the end. I had a hard time following the article's main points.


Thanks for the article. Although I could only skim through it, I read the summary. Would like to add that cognitive load is not much of an issue with experienced learners. These learners can often seek knowledge from books and other sources. Because they have substantial prior knowledge and the motivation, they might not need additional intervention. But for novice learners, and especially in the case of e-learning, one needs to think of ways to reduce extraneous cognitive load - germane cognitive load, of course, is welcome. If a course is high on extraneous cognitive load, the learners might not continue through to the end.

Jane Bozarth

Hi, Will. Here's something related to the conversation that popped up in the blogosphere last week-- from someone speaking from a completely different vantage point: http://www.aspieteacher.com/2010/09/difficulty-with-multi-part-directions .


Liz Dorland

Here is a post from a year ago that jibes with and expands on your arguments.


I fear that CLT has/will become the new "Learning Styles" -- "discovered" by non-researcher promoters, too broadly accepted as gospel, and too often invoked as "the answer" to all learning problems.

Sadly, this is happening long past the time that most researchers have moved on to more productive models (if they ever bought into all of the arguments).

My only quibble with your post is that I also reject relying on CLT to validate any particular use of worked examples. It was a bit scary to see one commenter say that those were the only part of what you wrote that he understood or paid attention to!

Keep up the good work. I first found your writings nearly 10 years ago when searching online for a citation for the so-called Learning Pyramid. Your debunking of that particular myth was a fascinating read.

Vast Talent Elearning

I would like to add that the research finding (data) itself can also be wrong if the original theory for collecting the data is biased. To prove that at least the data is right, one have to prove the collecting theory is separated from the resulting explanation.


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Nice post will!! This theory suggests that learning happens best under conditions that are aligned with human cognitive architecture.

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It is the professional responsibility of educational researchers to evaluate the state of current knowledge on a regular basis, identify knowledge gaps, and lay the scientific principles for future investigation. Engaging in this ‘effortful’ practice is key in fostering a scientific community and culture.

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Science relies on measurements or observational methods that provide reliable and valid data across studies by the same or different investigators


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I completely agree with you. I have no point to raise in against of what you have said I think you explain the whole situation very well


This theory suggests that learning happens best under conditions that are aligned with human cognitive architectur

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I will make the argument that continuing to use the theory to frame instructional design research is instilling the idea that educational research cannot aspire to have the same scientific value as that of the hard sciences (Diamond 1987).

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