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Monday, 23 July 2012


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Steve F.

Hi, Will -

You might be interested in reading this experiment run by the USAF back in 2001.

They called this concept that focused on language learning "the Daily Vitamin." I've often wondered why we haven't seen much of this type of implementation. It offers unique leverage in spacing and is a reasonably affordable method to battle the forgetting curve.

We were involved at the periphery with some alternate subjects (law enforcement) - the study results from our work wasn't correlated but it did seem like a promising concept.


Hi there Will,

I understand that feedback for correct answers does not have benefits to the learners. Unless, as you said, they guess correctly. So pragmatically, in an online assessment we would still need to provide feedback for correct answers (beyond “that’s correct!) as we don’t really have a way of knowing if they guessed. Or is there another way to handle that?

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