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  • Turning Research into Results: A Guide to Selecting the Right Performance Solutions, by Richard E. Clark, Fred Estes
  • How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition, by National Research Council, edited by John Bransford, Ann L. Brown, Rodney R. Cocking
  • Criterion-Referenced Test Development 2nd Edition, by Sharon Shrock, William Coscarelli, Patricia Eyres
  • Michael Allen's Guide to E-Learning, by Michael Allen
  • e-Learning and the Science of Instruction, by Ruth Colvin Clark, Richard E. Mayer
  • Efficiency in E-Learning by Ruth Colvin Clark, Frank Nguyen, John Sweller (2006)

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Wednesday, 30 November 2005

November 2005 Table of Contents

This month I've posted the following articles:

  • Interview with Will Thalheimer
  • Why is Research Knowledge Not Utilized
  • Aligning the Learning and Performance Contexts
  • Research Review: Zechmeister & Shaughnessy (1980)

Scroll down to see these posts.

Note that starting this month, I've made commenting much easier. No more need to have a special account. I hope you will feel free to comment. I want to learn from you, and other readers might want to learn from you as well.

And don't forget my blog, Will at Work Learning, which is a bit more off-the-cuff, experimental, and weird. In November I wrote on the following:

  • Learning in the Citizenry
  • Priming the Learning Appartus for Future Learning
  • Cell Phones While Driving
  • My Experiences and Critique of Elliott Masie's Learning 2005 Conference